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As a materials research institute, Fraunhofer ISC opens up the potential of innovative materials for tomorrow’s products, focusing in particular on efficient and safe energy use, sustainable utilization of resources, and affordable, personalized health care.

Apart from developing new and enhanced materials, we are also developing the entire technologies, and the design of manufacturing processes tailored to specific production environments.

Fraunhofer ISC develops and licences superior optical materials based on inorganic-organic hybrid materials (ORMOCER®s) and the corresponding process techniques. Materials and technologies are adaptable for various applications and can be used on wafers, on foils in roll-to-roll process schemes, on optical printed circuit boards (PCBs) or on individual optical components.

The optical materials are characterized by low absorption losses, widely adjustable refractive indices and the process capability for different technologies and combinations.

Products and services

3D printed optics
Printable quantum-dot nanocomposites
Two-photon Polymerization (2PP)

3D microoptics for sensors and displays

Light guiding structures
Freeform microlenses
Diffractive and holographic optical elements (DOE, HOE)
3D interconnection technologies
Passive and active optical waveguide structures

3D microfluidic components (glass and polymer)

Light management layers
Index-matched scattering layers
Outcoupling layers
Printed transparent conductive oxides (TCO) and amorphous
Semiconductor oxides (based on sol-gel technology)
Microoptical outcoupling layer

Arrangement of 10.000 microprisms forming the logo of Fraunhofer ISC. Bottom left: Part of the symbol on the left side of the emblem, magnified 10x. Bottom middle: The same area at 50x magnification, with individual prisms visible. Bottom right: A false-color image indicating the height of a single prism.
Geometry of each prism: size = 60 µm; height = 25 µm.

Further reading

3D printed optics

3D printed freeform optics: Printed test pattern with a maximum height of 3.6 mm and 25 mm in diameter. The object was made from an inorganic-organic hybrid polymer (Ormocer) with outstanding optical quality and high mechanical stability.

Further reading

Multi-level diffractive optical element

Multi-level diffractive optical element fabricated by two-photon polymerization.

Further reading

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