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Fraunhofer HHI - a leading Research Institute for Mobile and fixed Communications Networks and for the Key Applications in the World.

Products and services

From optical sensing to information technology – this is the range of solutions developed at HHI. These include the development and production of innovative, miniaturized fiber optic sensors and sensor networks for applications in process control, in safety engineering, and intelligent sensorics in offshore wind energy plants and power cables. A major aim of HHI’s R&D is to apply new technologies for high capacity optical communications. The scope of photonic components offered by HHI includes LEDs, Lasers, fast photodiodes as well as novel InP based THz.

For customer-specific photonic solutions with virtually unlimited applications, HHI provides two photonic integration platforms: an InP foundry service for monolithic integration as well as HHI’s flexible hybrid-integrated PolyBoard platform.

Our world class results include Terabit/s transmission via optical fibre and optical wireless communications using laser diodes and LEDs.

InP Foundry Services - Photonic Integration Toolbox

Design your own InP-Based Photonic-Integrated Circuit (PIC) containing passive- and active devices on one substrate(Tape-Out every 3 Months). Choose from a range of proven building blocks, such as 40 GHz receivers, 20 GHz DMLs and EAMs, 1 dB/cm passive waveguides, and polarization- rotators and splitters. Low-cost multi-project wafer-run-based PICs are commercially available through Jeppix ( Customer-specific private runs can be realized on demand.
Dedicated design and layout software is provided, and several packaging partners are available.

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Hybrid PICs - The best of all worlds

Fraunhofer HHI’s hybrid integration platform PolyBoard allows for rapid prototyping, short iteration cycles and low upfront development effort. The technology allows the integration of on-chip free space elements, 3D structures, graphene-based electro-absorption modulators, as well as other optical functionalities such as switches, variable optical attenuators, tunable lasers, and flexible high frequency and optical interconnects.
The services of Fraunhofer HHI include simulation, CAD, technology development, device manufacturing, characterization, and qualification.

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CyberGlove – Motion Capture with Nerves out of Glass

A multifunctional fiber sensor platform adapted to a glove for a human-machine interface is presented. The CyberGlove addresses different applications in motion capturing for Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR).

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News & Innovations

Next generation terahertz transceiver

Terahertz radiation is increasingly employed in industrial environments for process monitoring and material inspection. The layer thickness of coatings, the structure of polymer components or imperfections in non-conductive materials can be measured.
HHI presents the next generation of fiber coupled, integrated THz-transceiver heads, which are fully compatible with commercial terahertz systems and allow for reflection measurements under normal incidence.

Dr. Björn Globisch
Head of Terahertz Sensors and Systems Group
Photonic Components Department 

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