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We develop custom optical metrology solutions in close cooperation with our customers. Our core competences are in the areas of optics design, measuring systems, LED-based light sources, data analysis, image processing, diffractive optics and interferometry. Our service portfolio spans optics development and development of inspection systems. Products we regularly provide are customer-specific infrared lenses, computer-generated holograms for asphere metrology, and the ARGOS surface inspection system.

Products and services

Computer-generated Holograms for asphere metrology and laser beam shaping
Infrared lenses
Optics design
Development of inspection systems
ARGOS: surface inspection systems for scratch and dig analysis according to ISO standard 10110-7
MIRO: Infrared-lenses

Custom mid-wave infrared (MWIR) lenses, built to customer specifications and perfectly matched to application

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ARGOS 2: Multifunctional defect detection of surfaces

ARGOS - Automated surface inspection of optical elements according to ISO 10110 and software-based quality certificate generation.

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Computer Generated Holograms (CGH)

CGHs for interferometric asphere metrology and laser beam shaping

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