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Dausinger + Giesen GmbH is a privately owned company which develops, designs and produces leading edge thin disk lasers for science and industry. D+G also sells key components of thin disk lasers as well like mounted thin disks; thin disk modules as well as turn key thin disk laser systems. In addition Dausinger + Giesen offers services around material processing where thin disk laser are used for.

Products and services

  • Fast and Ultrafast Lasers based on ThinDisk Technology: High Pulse energy (up to 1J and more) in combination with high average power (from 10 W to 1kW and more).
  • Core components of Thin Disk Lasers: Bonded Disks, Thin Disk Modules, and Pockels Cells.
  • Helical Drilling Optics as well as process development and production.
Thin Disk Laser Module TDM

D+G offers various Thin Disk Modules. The Line up covers the following pump Power Levels:
• 50W
• 1 kW (extendable to 2 kW)
• 10 kW
• 30 kW

D+G offers Pockels Cells as well

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The VaryDisk Lasers are the most versatile Lasers offering different time regimes: fs as well as ps, ns and even µs in one box.

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