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Miniaturized UV-LED lighting with multiple wavelengths

Manufacturers of measuring devices utilized in bioanalytics and medical technology are now able to build significantly smaller systems and to open up new fields of application by low cost UV LEDs.
In two application cases new UV lightings were already tested successfully. A constant light illumination module with three UV LEDs in the wavelengths 245, 265 and 280 nm was developed for absorbance measurement on DNA samples in molecular biology. The collimation, the spectral purity and the beam diameter of less than 4 mm of the emitted light were among the challenges in the optics design. The stability of the LED intensities, which is influenced by degradation and temperature changes, is monitored by UV sensitive diodes and control electronics.
High quality, miniaturized UV light sources are also required in tumor diagnostics. For the measurement of the fluorescence lifetime of markers, a lighting unit was developed which operates in 1 ns pulse-mode with the wavelength of 370 nm.

Exhibitor: CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik GmbH

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