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A company to increase the efficiency of ultrashort pulse lasers

Gitterwerk GmbH, a young company from Jena, Germany, seeks to increase the efficiency of ultrashort pulse (USP) lasers. Based on its unique manufacturing technology, highly efficient diffraction gratings can be manufactured individually and at volume.

The new fabrication process was developed by Dr. Lorenz Stürzebecher and Dr. Frank Fuchs over the past five years. It is always a big decision to found a new company, but the future of the laser market looks great. The ultra short pulse laser market needs this innovation because high quality diffractions gratings are key components for this technology.

The founder Dr. Lorenz Stürzebecher says: “After five years of research it is a good feeling to found a high-tech company, which directly delivers value to our customers. Today’s Laser market, especially the ultrashort pulse laser market, is fast growing, dynamic and competitive. You need to be fast and innovative in optimizing your systems. An easy step is to implement a high-quality diffraction grating in your laser system.”

But a new company needs not just a market it needs also a unique selling proposition. Based on the Gitterwerk technology and the grating design skills it is possible to manufacture gratings up to 135 mm diameter without any stitching artifacts and period variations, which normally is a serious problem for larger gratings. But the most important point for USP and high power lasers is the efficiency. Gitterwerk delivers gratings up to 99.4 percent efficiency, while the market average is 96 percent.

Co-founder Dr. Frank Fuchs adds: “The grating design and quality have a dramatic impact on the system performance. A high-performance grating, which is individually designed for the application can increase your laser efficiency up to 20 percent. Normally the laser beam passes the gratings four times, which multiplies every efficiency point of the grating by four.”

Gitterwerk is based in Jena, a city with a long-standing tradition in optics and photonics. Operating its own cleanroom facilities, Gitterwerk covers the full chain of nanostructure-production in-house.

Currently there is no technology managing the delicate balance between performance and availability for one of the defining components of high performance USP lasers – diffraction gratings. Gitterwerk is the first company with the ability to scale the output of these fundamental components, while maintaining exceptional quality and performance.

Exhibitor: Gitterwerk GmbH

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