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UV light source with extremely high brightness

ultralumina’s UV light source is based on gas-filled Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibres (HC-PCF). They enable long interaction lengths between light and a nonlinear medium in the core of the fibre and high-intensity. The high-intensity combined with long interaction lengths, facilitates the use of gases as the nonlinear medium, which in turn makes supercontinuum generation possible. The extraordinary brightness (spectral radiance) of our light source is unmatched by alternative broadband light sources, such as laser-driven plasma lamps and extends the benefit of conventional supercontinuum sources into the Deep UV. This opens up new design options in semiconductor metrology or microscopy applications, where high-intensity broadband light needs to be delivered to a diffraction limited spot.

In contrast to other broadband DUV sources, the output of our system is in the form of sub-ps pulses, providing a convenient tuneable source for time-resolved fluorescence detection and spectroscopy.

In a slightly different configuration the system can be used as a pulse compressor.

Exhibitor: ultralumina GmbH

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