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Key-Visual Photonics West 2019

Photonics West 2019

5 – 7 February 2019 – San Francisco, USA

Meet 67 German companies

Welcome to the German Pavilion at Photonics West 2019

Exhibitors at the German Pavilion


UV VIS Micro spectrometer
Booth number: 4545-35

Multiphoton Optics GmbH
Booth number: 4545-54

Machine Toolhead with our Commander 6 Micromanipulator
Booth number: 4545-29

Computer Generated Holograms (CGH)
Booth number: 4545-22

Amtron GmbH
LS400 laser diode system - plug’n’play solution for laser processing
Booth number: 4545-23

J&M Analytik AG
TIDAS® OEM Multiplexer
Booth number: 4545-05

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News & Innovations

Grayscale lithographic mastering of tailored micro-optical elements
Optical systems benefit from customized components like freeforms introducing additional design freedoms to the cost of complex surface shapes that are often hard to engineer. Optical grayscale lithography is a versatile technology to manufacture arbitrary surface profiles to address DOEs like (... | Further reading

New CW Laser Driver
We would like to present our 2 new CW Laser Drivers D 1900-80 and D 3300-60 which are now available. The technical features at a glance: D 1900-80: electrical output power 1900W at a diode current of 80A and a diode voltage of 26V D 3300-60: electrical output power 3300W at a diode current of ... | Further reading

Confocal-chromatic sensors: ultra-compact sensor and high precision
The confocalDT system from Micro-Epsilon stands for high precision confocal chromatic measurement technology. The new IFS2404-2 sensor is used for high precision distance and thickness measurements of transparent materials. With a diameter of just 12 mm, the sensor can also be integrated into res... | Further reading

News & Innovations
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