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German Pavilion at Photonics West 2018

27 January – 1 February 2018 – San Francisco, USA

Aixtooling GmbH

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Aixtooling is your dedicated partner for precision molded glass optics.

The German company was founded in 2005 in Aachen as a spin-off from Fraunhofer Institute of Production technology IPT. We cover the entire value chain for precision molding of optical glass lenses. Core competences are mold design, manufacture of highprecision mold systems, molding process setup, prototyping as well as serial precision glass molding.

The technology of isothermal glass molding is suitible for the production of ready-to-use optics with shape accuracies down to lambda/6. Applications can be found in different industries (laser technologies, medical industries etc.) and cover aspherical optics in
different sizes, cylindrical optics, lens arrays, torical lenses and free form elements. Recently even diffractive optics have been molded sucessfully.

Good strategic partnerships, the use of excellent equipment, extensive technological expertise, trusting collaboration with customers and suppliers are the fundamental principles of Aixtooling GmbH. Please visit us at Photonics West 2018.


  • Molds and mold systems for the precision molding of glass lenses
  • Series of precision molded optics
  • Feasibility studies and consultancy for precision molding of optical glass
  • PVD coatings for wear protection in precision glass molding
  • Mold system design and process simulation by FEM based on optical specification
  • Ultraprecision machining (grinding, polishing, turning etc.)
  • After Sales Services for Toshiba GMP machine tools - Mold refurbishment service
  • Technological consultance Applications:
  • Spherical optics
  • Aspherical optics
  • Lens arrays
  • Cylindrical lenses
  • Diffractive optics
  • Free form optics

Aixtooling GmbH
Im Erdbeerfeld 20
52078 Aachen

Phone: +49 241 531077-0
E-mail: info@aixtooling.de
Internet: www.aixtooling.com