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About us

We stabilize your laser!

TEM Messtechnik is a renowned specialist in the field of optical measurement and laser control systems. Our products measure and actively stabilize laser properties such as beam pointing, wavelength, power, rep. rate and others.

Whenever you seek help to control your laser, you will benefit from our flexibility. Should none of our standard products meet your  needs, our team will create a tailored solution for you.

Products and services


  • Development of Optical Measurement and Laser Stabilization Systems 
  • Scientific Consultation


  • Aligna and μAligna: Automated Laser Beam Alignment and Stabilization
  • Lasy: Stabilized & Tunable Diode Laser 
  • iScan: Interferometric Frequency Control for Tunable Lasers 
  • LaseLock: Universal Laser Stabilization
  • NoiseEater: Laser Intensity Stabilization
  • FiberLock: Automatic Single Mode Fiber Coupling
  • CoSy: Compact Saturation Spectroscopy
  • PulsePicker: Repetition Rate Reduction System
  • Photo Diode Amplifiers 
  • Diode Laser Drivers
Aligna – Automated Laser Beam Alignment and Stabilization

Aligna – Automated Laser Beam Alignment and Stabilization

• fully automated high precision beam alignment
• selflearning parameter settings
• modular system, control of up to 4 beams, all wavelengths
• 2D and 4D scanning (position X,Y angle XY)
• compensation of drifts and air fluctuations
• switching of one laser between several applications
• laser/ experiment at different optical tables or rooms

Lasy 633 – Stabilized & Tunable Diode Laser

Lasy 633 – Stabilized & Tunable Diode Laser

• plug and play helium-neon laser replacement
• iodinereferenced absolute frequency stabilization
• arbitrary, hysteresis-free tuning due to interferometric reference
• large tuning range > 300 GHz ( 0.4 nm)
• high coherence length
• fiber coupling with active stabilization
• USB remote control

FiberLock – Automatic Single Mode Fiber Coupling

FiberLock – Automatic Single Mode Fiber Coupling

The FiberLock is an automatic single-mode fiber coupling unit (2D fiber scanner) consisting of the control electronics and an active mirror.

• fast scanning of the face of the fiber to help the initial setup
• 3D display of the coupling efficiency
• easy optimization due to the decoupling of degrees of freedom

• locking of the fiber coupling to maximum intensity
• search and re-lock functionalities

• locking of the intensity to a fixed value


TEM Messtechnik GmbH
Grosser Hillen 38
30559 Hannover

Phone: +49 511 51089630
Fax: +49 511 51089638

Dr. Thomas Müller-Wirts
Phone: +49 511 51089631

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