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About us

Fraunhofer IZM develops electronic packaging solutions. We help companies assemble robust and reliable electronic systems and integrate these into the application environment.

Almost invisible and undervalued by many, electronic packaging is at the heart of every electronic application. Our technologies connect the individual components, protect them from vibration and moisture, reliably dissipate heat and ensure that electronic devices continue to function reliably in even the harshest conditions. They facilitate the development of ever smaller products.

One of our core competences is the development of innovative packaging systems comprising microelectronic, optical and microsystems components for tele- and datacom, lighting and sensors. Demonstrators are realized using simulation, customer specific design, and reliability and failure analyses.

The institute, founded in 1993, has a staff of over 300. More than 80% of our turnover is earned through contract research.

Products and services

Optical Technologies and Services at Fraunhofer IZM:

• Electro-optical circuit board for fast data transfer
• Assemly and interconnection of electro-optical components
• Simulation, design and measurement technologies
• Photonic and plasmonic systems
• Qualification, failure and reliability analyses
• Integration by wafer level packaging
Hybrid Multi-Laser Emitter Fibre Coupling

Hybrid Multi-Laser Emitter Fibre Coupling

We achieved the efficient coupling of a four-emitter laser chip at a wavelength of 1,470nm to an optical fiber with a 70µm core, suitable for medical uses. Fraunhofer IZM performed the high-precision mounting of the micro-optical bank consisting of laser-produced glass components on a footprint of 6.5mm by 25mm. Four microoptical elements were mounted with active alignment at full optical laser output of 10 W. Special alignment processes were developed for an industrial pick & placer.

 Free Beam Laser Module for Sensor Applications

Free Beam Laser Module for Sensor Applications

The AutoFly project has produced an automatically packaged 808 nm laser module. The package can be hermetically sealed for application in harsh conditions. The high-precision mounting of a double-sided single lens with an innovative optical pick&placer was fully automated, with active alignment used to achieve a highly collimated and aligned free beam. This makes the system particularly suitable for sensor and interferometer applications.

Radial Fire – Laser structured fibre optic tip for minimally invasive laser therapy

Radial Fire – Laser structured fibre optic tip for minimally invasive laser therapy

Modern medicine treats venous disorders with laser therapy. A fibre optic system is carefully inserted into the affected veins and uses a laser to ablate the damaged tissue. Fraunhofer IZM has developed a novel process that uses a laser to produce the cone-shaped fibre optic tips for the system with unrivalled precision. With typical diameters of only 0.6 mm, the system can now be used to treat even tiny capillary veins.

Project Partner: CeramOptec


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