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About us

ultralumina is a spin-off from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light in Erlangen, founded in 2016 to commercialize Photonic Crystal Fibre (PCF) and nonlinear optics technology developed at the Institute. Years of experience in fibre design, nonlinear physics and system integration, backed by world-class, in-house PCF fabrication facilities make us a reliable partner to scientific research institutes and the photonic industry.

ultralumina currently offers broadband deep ultraviolet light sources, a 20-30 femtosecond near IR source as well as a range of PCF fibres targeted at nonlinear optics and UV- and short-pulse power delivery applications.

Products and services

Our DUV supercontinuum source generates broadband light from ~250nm to > 1800nm, at high spectral power density (mW/nm range). The output is essentially spatially coherent (M² < 1.3) resulting in an extraordinary spectral radiance (> 106 mW/nm×sr× mm²), exceeding that of state-of-the-art laser-driven plasma lamps by more than five orders of magnitude.

The system relies on nonlinear optical processes in a gas-filled hollow-core Photonic Crystal Fibres (PCF), where the gas acts as the non-linear medium. It consists of a 900×300 mm optical system containing the PCF, gas management and optics, as well as an external fs-pump source. The system can be supplied with suitable solid state fibre pump laser, or can be used with existing Ti:Sapp lasers.

High-brightness in the DUV is attractive for example in semiconductor metrology and process monitoring where applications are often limited by the amount of light that can be focussed on a small area of the sample.

Prototype UV light source - Supercontinuum converter

Prototype UV light source - Supercontinuum converter

ultralumina's ultra-high brightness, broadband light sources exploit nonlinear optical effects in a gas-filled Hollow-core Photonic Chrystal Fibre (PCF) to generate supercontinuum radiation from the IR to the deep-UV (180 to 1800nm). The system consists of a converter unit containing the PCF, gas cell, optics and control systems (picture) and can be integrated with a solid-state fibre optical pump laser.

Supercontinuum converter - Gas cell

Supercontinuum converter - Gas cell

ultralumina's UV light source consists of a supercontinuum converter especially containing the Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibre inside a gas cell (picture). By changing the type of working gas and gas pressure, the spectral properties of the output can be tuned and different modes of operation can be realized. ultralumina's converter has a radiance about 5 orders of magnitude larger than state-of-the-art plasma lamps.

Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibre

Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibre

Hollow-core Photonic Crystal fibres can be filled with gases. The practically unlimited interaction length between the optical field and these gases makes it possible to exploit nonlinear effects. Picture: SEM of an endlessly single-mode fibre (grey=glass, black=hollow regions, core diameter=50um). A high damage threshold, and ultralow nonlinearity and dispersion make these fibres an attractive option for applications like femtosecond beam delivery, nonlinear optics or UV applications.

News & Innovations

UV light source with extremely high brightness 

ultralumina’s UV light source is based on gas-filled Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibres (HC-PCF). They enable long interaction lengths between light and a nonlinear medium in the core of the fibre and high-intensity. The high-intensity combined with long interaction lengths, facilitates the use of gases as the nonlinear medium, which in turn makes supercontinuum generation possible. The extraordinary brightness (spectral radiance) of our light source is unmatched by alternative broadband light sources, such as laser-driven plasma lamps and extends the benefit of conventional supercontinuum sources into the Deep UV. This opens up new design options in semiconductor metrology or microscopy applications, where high-intensity broadband light needs to be delivered to a diffraction limited spot.

In contrast to other broadband DUV sources, the output of our system is in the form of sub-ps pulses, providing a convenient tuneable source for time-resolved fluorescence detection and spectroscopy.

In a slightly different configuration the system can be used as a pulse compressor.


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