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Stuttgart Instruments manufactures lasers with ultrabroad tuning range, from the visible to the mid-infrared spectral range, with subpicosecond pulse durations and repetition rates of tens of MHz. Above frequencies of 300 kHz, shot-noise limited performance is available. Rapid and automized tuning and hands-off operation is included. Additionally, supercontinuum generators for ultrabroadband near- and mid-infrared spectral regions are available. More complex systems including frequency converters are also available. The systems can be optimized for stimulated Raman microscopy or FTIR spectroscopy with high spatial resolution applications.

Furthermore, dark-field microspectroscopy systems with single-particle imaging capability at the diffraction limit are manufactured at customer's specifications. Physical and chemical reactions such as gas diffusion or single particle phase transitions can be spectrally monitored.

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The revolutionary design the alpha-HP cavity results in an ultra-compact and completely passively stable system, with shot nose limited performance. Up to 2.5 W can be generated from 1.35 µm to 2.0 µm with gap-free, rapid tunability and 0.5 W in the range of 2.1 µm to 4.3 µm. Its enormous output power allows for further frequency conversions to the VIS or MIR spectral range. Thus, the alpha-HP is a completely automated, highly user-friendly, tunable, and reliable femtosecond light source.

NanoMicroSpec T/R 400-1050

NanoMicroSpec T/R 400-1050

The combination of high-resolution spectroscopic tools with optical darkfield/brightfield microscopy enables highly precise and time-resolved investigations of micro- and nanoscale systems over a broad spectral range (VIS+NIR), even on the single particle level.
This fully automated and modular system enables measurements in different environments (in gases or liquids at adjustable temperatures). The integrated software provides extensive imaging and data analysis tools.


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