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About us

The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF develops innovative optical systems to control light from the generation to the application.

Our service range covers the entire photonic process chain from optomechanical and optoelectronic system design to the manufacturing of customized solutions and prototypes.

The institute works in the five business fields of Optical Components and Systems, Precision Engineering Components and Systems, Functional Optical Surfaces and Layers, Photonic Sensors and Measuring Systems and Lasers.

Products and services

  • Broadband antireflection coatings AR-plas2®
  • Nanostructured top-layers enable low residual reflectance on curved lenses
  • Additive manufacturing of optical high-power components
  • High-power fiber lasers
  • Adaptive high-power mirror
  • Ytterbium doped high-power fibers
  • Smart LTCC platform for laser optical systems
  • Printed wafer-based micro-lens arrays
  • Large aperture, low birefringence soldered lenses
  • Quantum communication technology for satellites
  • Components for quantum key distribution
  • CO2 laser-spliced fibers with different end-caps
Additive manufacturing of optical high-power components for VIS-NIR-IR applications

Additive manufacturing of optical high-power components for VIS-NIR-IR applications

An entire process chain for the production of, e.g., customized lightweight metal mirrors out of AlSi12, AlSi40, and Al6061 is developed, enabling the processing of substrates up to ∅ 230 mm by selective laser melting. Due to the lightweight design with stochastic or symmetric structures, a mass reduction of up to 75% is achieved. Manufactured mirrors of ∅ 150 mm exhibit high stability and stiffness along with surface roughness of <1 nm RMS and form deviation of <150 nm PV after post finishing.

Antireflection coatings AR-plas2<sup>®</sup> for glass and plastic lenses

Antireflection coatings AR-plas2® for glass and plastic lenses

New organic-inorganic hybrid materials enable the manufacturing of antireflection coatings AR-plas2® for the 300 to 1500 nm spectral range on an industrial scale. A refractive index lower than 1.1 on the outermost surface of the nanostructured coating guarantees a low residual reflectance for a broad range of light incidence angles. Coatings AR-plas2® exhibit a high temperature and humidity resistance. They are especially suitable for strongly curved optical lenses.

Stable polarization entangled photon source for quantum key distribution

Stable polarization entangled photon source for quantum key distribution

Space suitable Entangled Photon Sources provide the basis for quantum communication. The hybrid and simple, but highly efficient source of polarization-entangled photons is based on a Sagnac Interferometer and spontaneous parametric down-conversion in bulk periodically poled potassium titanyl phosphate crystals, which is pumped by a 405 nm laser diode at 5 mW. More than 300.000 photon pair events per second are detected, while maintaining overlap fidelity with the ideal quantum state of 0.98.

News & Innovations

New ultra-broadband antireflection coatings 

A perfect antireflection coating should work over a large bandwidth and, if possible, under many different angles. If optics are complex shaped, it becomes difficult to achieve perfect AR-properties over the whole surface. This may happen on freeform lenses in automotive and consumer optics or o...| » Further reading 

Additive manufacturing of metal mirrors reduces weight by 75% 

Scanner mirrors and space-born telescope mirrors have one thing in common: every gram counts. Consequently, light-weight structures are typically used. Conventional techniques with back pockets and drilled structures allow for weight reductions of more than 30%. Combining a dedicated design with...| » Further reading 

Laser equipment for quantum key distribution 

Quantum technology is certainly one of the biggest trend topics at Photonics West 2018. While China has taken the lead in this field, Europe will catch up with a 1-billion-Euro flagship project in 2018. At the core of most such projects, there is sophisticated laser technology for the preparatio...| » Further reading 


Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF
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Dr. Kevin Füchsel
Head of Strategy / Market / Coordination
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